Board members meet (April 2015), with SADECO volunteers to discuss the need for  wellness initiatives in the Gondola District in Mozambique. 


Mozambique, Africa

Partner: SADECO

WP partnered with the community-based organization, SADECO, to provide trainings to staff and children at the Maforga Orphanage in Mozambique, Africa from 2015-2017. SADECO translates to "Health and Community Development Organization." Trainings focused on infectious diseases like malaria and typhoid fever, HIV and AIDS, nutrition, and sanitation. 

Trainings were both educational and transformative in nature; for example, HIV and AIDS trainings sought to not only educate participants on evading risky behaviors, prevention, and treatment of HIV and AIDS, but also encouraged youth and adults to pursue their dreams and goals.  We believe that when individuals intentionally focus on their goals and dreams, they are  positively reinforced to engage in healthy decision making.  

WP also partnered with with a local Mozambican health organization, SADECO (Health   and The Maforga Mission (Gondola District) to supply healthcare resources.  WP dispatched a psychological support counselor in April 2015 to provide counseling support for over 90 children at the orphanage.

In July 2015, WP dispatched a physician to provide preventative healthcare services and treatment for the orphanage three times a month.  The physician's presence was a great help to the Mission, which had suffered from access to limited healthcare. The physician provides care and makes healthcare more accessible to the orphanage by traveling to the orphanage instead of having orphans travel to the hospital or clinics and endure long lines and perhaps go unattended.

Orphans, caregivers, and staff members from the Maforga orphanage attend infectious disease, nutrition, and sanitation based trainings.