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Established in September 2014, The Wellness Project, Inc. (WP) was birthed with a vision to redefine the way we think about healthcare. No longer should the practice of medicine oppose spiritual healing or replace psychological health. What if all things health related were set in perfect alignment and an integration of mental, medical, and spiritual health interventions could produce better health outcomes?

Tasked with the mission to expand access to healthcare to some of the most vulnerable populations on the planet, WP initiated its programs in Spring 2015, seeking to find displaced, disadvantaged groups who are unable to access quality healthcare and provide them with access to tailored healthcare treatment.

Anita King

Elizabeth Polk is the proprietor of Rapid Taxes Co. She is an author, marriage counselor, wife, and mother of four children. She enjoys spending time with family, reading, swimming, traveling, and bowling.

Treniese Polk is a focused and productive administrator. She possesses over 7 years of experience contributing to healthcare projects as a monitoring and evaluation technical advisor, healthcare analyst, and program and research portfolio manager. Ms. Polk received a B.A. in Psychology-Health Sciences from Spelman College and a MS in Health Systems Management/Health Policy Analysis from George Mason University in 2011. She enjoys traveling, baking, taking dance classes, attending live games, and spending time with family and friends.Our Board of Directors is committed to our mission of expanding healthcare to vulnerable populations around the globe.

Our Board of Directors is committed to our mission of expanding healthcare to vulnerable populations around the globe.

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Investing in the health and nutrition of vulnerable populations.​

Gabriel is a seasoned IT professional in the greater Memphis area with the heart of a Philanthropist. As the newest and youngest member on the board, Gabriel aspires to bring creativity and ingenuity to both new and existing projects that the Wellness Project handles. He is a techie, dancer, and travel connoisseur.

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Anita King is a highly accomplished and visionary business and finance leader with over two decades of experience in sustainable growth, profitability, and strategic success. Her proven track record encompasses a diverse range of industries, from multinational corporations, nonprofits, and even spearheading her own ventures. Beyond work, Anita loves to cook and travel with her family. Once an avid reader, she is trying to set aside more time to read. While life's demands have shifted her reading preferences from fiction novels to self-empowerment and business acumen, her insatiable curiosity remains a driving force. At the heart of Anita's aspirations lies a noble dream – to establish a foundation dedicated to imparting financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills to the budding minds of children and young adults. This vision reflects her commitment to not only corporate success but also to nurturing the future generations with the tools they need to excel.

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