2015 - 2017 | MOZAMBIQUE, AFRICA

Board members meet (April 2015), with SADECO volunteers to discuss the need for wellness initiatives in the Gondola District in Mozambique.

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Program - Equip

The Wellness Project Inc


Investing in the health and nutrition of vulnerable populations.​

A nurse based at the Maforga Orphanage in Gondola, Mozambique attends a Malaria prevention training.

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WP board members attend a meeting with nurses in Mozambique, Africa to conduct needs assessment for Training of the Trainers program in Gondola District (April 2015).

Through the Equip program, WP's objective is to train the next generation of healthcare professionals.

WP completes this objective by building essential partnerships with stakeholders including ministry of health officials, hospital administration executives, and medical and allied health professionals.

In developing countries like Mozambique, the doctor-patient ratio is one of the lowest in the world; 40,000 patients to every 1 doctor. In addition to lacking the necessary health care providers, the healthcare workers who are currently serving health systems in developing countries, often lack professional development opportunities to expand their knowledge base and access novel healthcare research that they can translate into clinical practice.

WP partners with organizations like SADECO to address this need by hosting Training of the Trainers (TOT) seminars for healthcare professionals and medical conferences worldwide to link resource poor countries with innovative medical knowledge and best practices.

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