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One of the Medical Camps makes the local news in Hyderabad in the video above.

Investing in the health and nutrition of vulnerable populations.​

Through the Expand program, WP's objective is to expand access to preventative care and healthcare services, with a specific emphasis on preventative and infectious diseases and extending medical care, psychological support, and spiritual counseling (mind-body-spirit treatment approach) to vulnerable populations including, orphans, vulnerable children and their caregivers, pregnant women, the elderly, and other displaced, underserved, and impoverished groups.

WP has partnered with Comfort Ministries to provide access to healthcare through medical camps to orphans that live in the Bliss and Angel Houses and community members who live in the slums and/or work near the garbage dumps in Hyderabad, India. Many of the community members have limited or poor access to health care and live in polluted and impoverished areas, which further complicate various health conditions and promote the spread of infectious diseases.

Participants receive free healthcare treatment, medical supplies, cataract surgery and eye glasses.
Over 900 attendees have received care from primary care physicians, internists, optometrists, and pathologists.


The Wellness Project Inc

The Wellness Project, Inc.​
P.O. Box 4813
Mclean,VA 22103

2017 - Present | Hyderabad, India


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Program - Expand

Medical Clinics in Hyderabaad, India 2017

Medical Team supporting the Medical camps: Primary care physicians, Internists, Optometrists, pathologists, and nurses